The role of the CMO in Strategic Partnerships - Strategy, Measurement and Alignment

A National CanWIT Webinar
April 17th, 2012 @ at 12:00 noon Eastern
(9am Pacific; 10am Mountain; 1pm Atlantic)

Join the National CanWIT "Ask The Expert" Webinar series where Stephanie Curry, Chief Marketing Officer at Inflection Point Inc. will present "The role of the CMO in Strategic Partnerships".

The CMO is responsible for continuously connecting company executives to what the customer values and developing a strategy that makes it easy for the customer to engage with your brand, and buy your solution.

Strategic Channel relationships are a pillar in the overall marketing strategy and can be an effective way grow market share. Pay a visit any of your favourite technology providers “partner page” and you are likely to see they are using partners to contribute to their solutions. Some organizations will have pages of logo’s representing “partnerships” some will only have a few and if there are no partners listed it’s likely that they are missing a strategy all together. How do these organizations decide who to partner with? What strategy should be employed to ensure your organization has the right partners and what is the right number? Most importantly- why does it matter at all?

Knowing who to partner with is the beginning of a long term relationship and involves significant effort. Accelerate your return on effort by learning:
  • Why partnerships are essential to your growth;
  • How to effectively select and manage your partner portfolio; and,
  • How to employ measurement tools that empower you to stay aligned to your organizational strategy.
Who should attend?

Women who want to enhance their leadership skills by learning about strategic marketing and growth and the importance of developing partners!

Who will be on the call?

Stephanie Curry, Chief Marketing Officer at Inflection Point Inc.
Stephanie Curry is the Chief Marketing Officer at Inflection Point Inc., a consulting service that enables technology organizations to grow market share through strategies specific to Marketing & Alliances. Inflection Point helps technology companies with a methodology focusing on a 5 stage process of Vision, Strategy, Execution, Measurement and Alignment. Services range from helping global technology organizations penetrate new markets to assessing, measuring and aligning existing strategies to current technology trends. Stephanie is passionate about enabling business leaders to bring their vision to market and connecting customer value to business deliverables. Her unique and creative approach to common business problems catapults businesses to the next level. By connecting ideas to people, and implementing repeatable best practices, Stephanie enables quantum leaps in business. She can also be found regularly on Twitter @amuzebouche and occasionally blogs about technology, marketing, channels and innovation at

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Anne Raymond - Productivity Coach and Leadership Mentor, Xtreme, and National VP Leadership Development, CanWIT
Anne Raymond is founder of, a company devoted to supporting high-achievers to focus their time on strategic impact and business results by multiplying their time, playing to their strengths, empowering their teams, and creating systems for sustainability. Anne provides coaching programs, Mastermind groups, and workshops for executives and leadership talent to support their focus on performance, strategy and innovation making themselves and their companies more competitive. She can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . More tips and a F.R.E.E. report at Twitter:

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