Find a Mentor

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Find a Mentor 

If you’re looking for career advice or guidance from senior professionals in the technology field, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you want from a mentorship relationship? For example, what skills do you hope to develop and what subjects would you like to discuss?
  • What type of mentor will motivate you? Identify the characteristics you want in a prospective mentor. Consider communication styles, experience levels, age etc.   

You have many options when choosing to pursue a relationship with a mentor.


  • Join our eMentorship Program, where you’ll find experienced and supportive professionals ready to share their knowledge and provide guidance and inspiration.
  • Set up informational meetings with people working in your field. Sometimes a mentorship relationship can grow from a more casual connection.
  • Use your school’s services. Find out if Career Services or your Alumni Office has a list of alumni in your field who are willing to act as mentors. Some schools might even have formal mentoring programs in place.
  • Contact the human resources departments at companies you admire and ask if they have current or retired employees who would be willing to volunteer as mentors. 
  • Attend networking events related to your field. If you make a connection with someone, take their business card and ask if you can contact them for career advice at a later date.
  • The best mentors are those you can be completely honest with, even if it means discussing your own struggles and failures or addressing difficult workplace issues. With that in mind, we recommend you choose a mentor who is not a direct supervisor.